Elderly Couple Contract

Pre-Paid Direct Cremation Plan £1495

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75% saving against traditional funeral costs


The Direct Cremation Plan includes the provision of professional services and your cremation arrangements will be carried out with the utmost respect. We will provide advice on the certification and registration of the death, be responsible for the collection and transportation of the deceased from a hospital or public mortuary, to a resting place where we will care for the deceased prior to the cremation (not including embalming). Additional charges will apply at the time of need if the deceased passes away at a private address or care home.


Also included with the plan is a coffin suitable for cremation which will be selected by the funeral director and a £500 allowance towards third party costs such as the fees for the cremation.


Please note, this plan does not include a funeral service, funeral procession, limousines or family viewing and the funeral director is responsible for selecting the time, date and location of the cremation. If the next of kin wish to receive the ashes, they can be delivered back to them for an additional charge. 

The plan is taken out with Golden Charter Funeral Plans and includes an administration fee. All monies are held in a trust fund until the time of need. Contact us for a brochure or further information.

Help take the burden off your loved ones by taking your end-of-life

decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.

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